Keeping Your Boat Odor Free and Stored Properly During The Off Season

Properly storing your boat in the off season is vital to help extend the life of your boat. No matter how large or small your boat is, storage prep is a must. All boats are susceptible to mold and mildew and even more so when closed up and not in use. Believe it or not there are easy steps to take o help prevent mold, mildew and that closed up stale smell. Making it a much easier process for when the season comes back around.

1) Clean the entire boat, inside and out

Thoroughly clean the inside of the whole boat. Including bathroom, kitchen, sleep quarters and don’t forget the walls and floors. Wash the outside of the boat and apply a coat of wax. Wax will help prevent rust and corrosion of the body.

2) Prepare the interior of the boat

Remove any electronics as the can be vulnerable to moisture and cold temperatures. Empty water tanks and flush with anti-freeze.

3) Change the oil

Water and acids can get into the oil and can corrode the engine over time. Change the filter and flush it out so no water remains, then add new oil.

4) Loosen or remove the drive belts

Being unused and under tension can cause the belts to deteriorate and crack.

5) Change the anti-freeze

Drain the anti-freeze and flush with water. Fill with new anti-freeze according to the manufactures specifications. This helps to prevent parts of the engine from freezing and help prevent corrosion.

6) Grease the steering mechanism

Cover all joints with waterproof grease. This ensures the steering and control mechanisms are moving smoothly for next season.

7) Spray fogging oil

While the engine is turning over without starting spray fogging oil into either the carburetor or through the spark plug holes. Be sure to consult your manual to do this correctly. The fogging oil will help protect your engines moving parts from the cold.

8) Fill your gas tank and add gasoline stabilizer

Empty gas tanks can get condensation build up that could lead to corrosion or cause further damage if frozen.

9) Plug all exhaust ports on inboard boats

Pests and debris can enter through these openings. An easy way to plug them is with duct tape.

10) Disconnect the battery

Leaving your battery connected could drain it. Disconnect and top off with distilled water.

11) Choose your boat cover

You can use a conventional cover or have the boat professionally wrapped. Before covering or wrapping your boat be sure to place at minimum a 10lb AirCare Odor Eliminating Gel Pail inside the cabin. AirCare Odor Eliminating Gel will help to keep the cabin air fresh, clean and remove any mold and mildew smells.

Removes Odor From:
  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Smoke
  • Pets
  • Fire Damage
  • Cooking
  • Paint
  • Dampness
  • And More
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